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Baystone Industrial Roofing has been in business for nearly thirty years offering professional industrial roof inspections, repairing and conducting maintenance programs on industrial/commercial/institutional flat roof systems.

Servicing these areas:

  • Toronto
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An annual or bi-annual industrial roof inspection and industrial maintenance will extend the service life of your roof and save valuable dollars during this economic downturn. The approximate cost to replace an industrial flat roof on the low end of the scale is $4.50 per square foot, this would be for a low rise building with good access and a minimum amount of roof mounted equipment to work around. A highrise office building with poor access can run up to $25.00 per sq ft or even more depending on the equipment and the type of insulation used.

With land fill sites filling up and oil based products (asphalt/tar) going up in price the cost for re-roofing will only increase. The roof is usually the most neglected part of an industrial building and should receive regular inspections and maintenance. Out of site is out of mind until a failure occurs which can cause machine downtime, damaged product and is a safety hazard. In the fall a representative from Baystone Industrial Roofing will provide a thorough inspection to your roof to make sure that it is in good condition before the harsh weather comes in the winter. We also recommend an inspection in the spring before the thunderstorm season starts which seem to be getting more severe as climatic conditions change.

One of the most important things to do is keep roof drain covers free of debris, if this is not done at least bi-annually then the potential for roof failure is greatly increased. Blocked drains cause water to reach unrealistic levels and spill in over the tops of flashings etc. Stagnant water will also cause the organic roof membrane to rot causing water penetration to the building interior, premature roof replacement and create a breeding ground for West Nile Virus.

Other inspection areas checked are corners were the wind will de-laminate the top pour of asphalt exposing the roof felts. Blisters and pressure ridges are also looked for which can cause leaks if not repaired. Gas pipes should be mounted on load bearing pads and all storm collars around chimneys shall be inspected. Mastic trays through which conduit and gas pipes pass are filled with plastic cement which over time shrinks and cracks, these must be checked and resealed annually. Expansion joint and control joint covers are checked for fractures and we recommend that they be painted with heat reflective paint to extend there service life. Inspections aslo include all metal coping, cladding and counter flashings which should be secure and well sealed.

These are a few of the potential problems we look for during an industrial roof inspection that can cause leaks and premature roof replacement. Baystone Industrial Roofing will inspect your roof and provide you with a detailed analysis containing roof type, projected lifespan and a inspection maintenance program to extend the service life of your roof.

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