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Industrial Roof Inspections

Baystone Industrial Roofing will inspect your roof, taking core samples and conducting Thermographic Scans where applicable. We will supply you with a detailed analysis indicating the type of membrane, projected lifespan and recommendations for a Maintenance Program to extend its service life. Learn more about the importance of routine roof inspections.

Emergency Roof Leak Repairs

Our experienced tradesmen will inspect site conditions inside your property. This will enable us to determine the type of decking and trace the leak’s source onto the roof. Learn more about our emergency services.

Roof Installations

Walkways can be installed to prevent damage to the roofing by foot traffic. Standing water will cause premature roof replacement. We can install new Roof Drains to remove this water. We also install curbs, skylights, tall cones, mastic trays, etc. Our tradesmen are skilled in sheet metal work: metal counter flashings, cladding and copings. Take advantage of government incentives by installing Solar Panels onto your roof.

Other Services Include:

Removal of contaminated roof gravel

Stop contaminants from washing into the roof drains and eventually into the storm sewers. Chimney emissions from numerous manufacturing processes often fall onto the roof substrate eventually washing into the storm sewers via the roof drains. These areas of contaminated gravel are now being monitored by inspectors from the Ministry of the Enviroment.

Preventative roof maintenance programs

Extend your roofs service life and help to prevent leaks. Areas checked for potential problems are, bare roof felts, blisters, pressure ridges, expansion and control joints, drains, flashings, chimney hoods, gas line support sleepers and load bearing pads, metal counter flashings, copings and claddings, caulking around storm collars, mastic trays, pipes and windows, etc.

I was impressed by Baystone’s prompt service and their ability to quickly identify and fix our roofing problems.

Mr S. Forrester, Facility Manager

Let us help protect your business.