ARTICLE: Emergency Roof Repair & Industrial Roof Leak Repairs

Emergency Roof Repair & Industrial Roof Leak Repairs

Baystone Industrial Roofing specializes in emergency flat roofing repairs, maintenance and inspections. Our experienced troubleshooters will view site conditions in your factory, office building or other commercial property, observing the type of decking where the source of a leak may originate inside is important. Knowing where to look and what materials to use saves time and money.

Locating the Leak Source of an Industrial Roof Leak

An industrial emergency roof repair involves accurately locating the source of the leak inside the building. On Industrial roofs, this requires the use of flashlights, entering ceiling spaces or inspecting the undersides of decking with the use of ladders or a scissor lift. The three main types of decking are concrete, wood and corrugated steel. When an emergency roof repair is required the actual source of the roof leak can be several metres away from the interior signs of leakage. Water will run several meters across steel corrugations until it finds a whole in the deck, it will also run across concrete and drip down inside where the pre-cast slabs come together.

As emergency roof repair experts, Baystone Industrial Roofing can locate the damaged area(s) and stop the leak at its source

There may be two roof systems retro-fitted on the building which means water runs between the systems before it hits the deck and runs further, some buildings have vapour barriers or have been re-saturated which will also cause the water to run several metres before finding a whole in the decking and dripping down inside the building. All these aspects have to be taken into consideration when looking for the true source of a roof leak.

The leak source may be a split flashing at the roof perimeter or from one of the many roof protrusions including drains, roof mounted equipment, skylights or chimneys etc. Other sources can be windows, brickwork, metal cladding or coping, fractures in the membrane or broken pressure ridges due to age or a simple puncture in the roof caused by a heavy object. These problems mostly occur on tar and gravel roofs. We also have vast experience at fixing EPDM and Modified Bitumen Membrane Roof Systems.

rain pattern on window

Emergency Roof Repairs During Adverse Weather Conditions

During adverse weather conditions when an emergency roof leak repair is required, often only temporary wet weather repairs can be conducted. The use of proper industrial emergency repair materials is essential for a successful emergency roof repair. Our vast experience in this field puts us head and shoulders above the competition. Annual roof maintenance programs can help to prevent leaks and extend the service life of your existing roof system.

Remember that a well maintained roof is your first and best defense against leaks and water damage.

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